Advanced Sun LDAP administration

Today is busy as it’s my first day back in the office after 4 days at class. It was a good class on Advanced Sun LDAP administration. Great guy Kevin from Chalk IT in Canada taught it. Nice guy, but don’t ask him about his speeding ticket. Fellow won’t shut up.

Anyhow, I’m off to get coffee in order to gird myself for the upcoming meeting at 9. Then I get my last year’s review at 1. How fun.

Sun iPlanet Replication fixed

So we have escalated on Sun enough that they brought in an expert, Fred Munday.  He reviewed the work, our procedures, and they even tried performing the event for us once.  It turns out we have one of the largest iPlanet LDAP systems in the world.

On an impulse, Fred just took the binary file itself from the original master LDAP, moved it over, and started the backup master LDAP process.  Theoretically this shouldn’t work.  But it did!

I’m actually writing this post years after this, so the date of the fix is an estimate.  If I recall correctly, one of engineers also realized that the file transfer between the two boxes was taking too long.  He figured out that the routing was set up wrong and it was going over a Gigabit NIC configured to run at Fast Ethernet(10% of it’s function) speeds.  So he set up the copy to run over another Gigabit NIC and that really increased the speed of the transfer.  Not by 900%, but much faster.

Sun iPlanet Replication still down

event didn’t succeed. AGAIN! I’ve been doing this same procedure for about 10 days now. It’s never worked. Not once!  We’re trying to get a multi-master replication in place where data is synchronized in both the LDAP masters.  So you export the data to a LDIF file, copy it over to the backup master and import it.

Unfortunately it takes close to 24 hours to perform the export, and 20 some-odd hours to transfer it to the other system and then more than 24 hours to import it.  Then the changes that have occurred in the last 68 hours on the original DB have to be synced up to the backup master.  But we only retain the last 72 hours of changes and it takes more than 4 hours for the final synchronization to catch up.  So some of the changes never make it over and you have an imperfect mirror.

Additionally the migration is now approaching. Which means more sleepless nights! I pretty much need to just understand that I’m going to be in and out of the office for a few hours at a time for the next few months. I need to give up and just forward my desk phone to my mobile and put an out of office sticker on my monitor or something.