What’s in my Laptop Bag

Context is everything when you talk about what is working so well for me.  Because what works well for me and my work and life requirements may not fit your needs.

I work fairly flexible hours and while I do travel a little bit most of my time is spent working at home or at the office.  Also, the datacenters I support are not located in Kansas City.  I bring that up so that other geeks out there understand why I’m not toting around a bunch of tools that are uniquely suited to datacenter work.  I’m familiar with most of them, but since I can’t get them through flight security and don’t need them locally, I don’t pack them.

The Basics

  1. My corporate issued laptop w/ power brick
  2. Sprint Aircard
  3. 9′ cat5
  4. My CD Rescue Kit
  5. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  6. Phone Charger
  7. Legal Pad and Pen (I take notes better with hard copy)
  8. Spare Business Cards(around 25)
  9. O’Reilly RegEx Pocket Reference that Ironport gave me at training
  10. Spare charger for my bluetooth headset
  11. 8 tablets of benadryl and benadryl cream(I’m horribly allergic to poison ivy)
  12. Bug Repellent
  13. Kleenex
  14. Microfiber cloth
  15. Laptop lock
  16. Travel Mouse (tiny w/ retractable cable)

The Extraneous That I Still Find Useful

  1. My personal laptop w/ power brick
  2. wifi PCMCIA card(because my personal laptop is old and it’s not built in)
  3. Spare set of headphones
  4. Charge cable for my ipod
  5. DIY Altoids Survival Tin

There are a few things that others will wonder about.  Like where’s your Leatherman or Leatherman alternative?  Where’s your ipod?  And what about your phone?  Flashlight?  Earplugs?  Emergency Cash?  These items are usually in my cargo pockets or strapped to my belt.

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