Graduated from KU and My Paper in the JCCC Writing Center

Boy, I’ve been really busy lately.  I finally completed all the coursework to complete my B.A. in Slavic Languages and Literature from The University of Kansas.  And while that’s very exciting, I’ve also unfortunately lost my grandfather recently.  He’s had heart problems for decades but they screwed up when they admitted him and he didn’t want to live on a ventilator so he has left this world of his own free will.  I will miss my papa, he was a good man and was instrumental in teaching me a love for knowledge and the environment.

As a part of me completing my coursework for my BA I took a class in Sociology on Marriage and Family taught by Professor Julia Spence, MA, at Johnson County Community College.  I was startled to find that I really enjoyed the class thoroughly and it taught me many things about how families in America work today that defy the images depicted on TV.  Frankly it made me feel better that maybe my family was a bit more normal than I had ever believed.  My final paper for the class was on how poverty is different in rural communities versus the urban images frequently used.  My professor enjoyed the paper sufficiently that she has placed it in the Johnson County Community College Writing Center so that future students can use it as a model for what is expected to receive an A grade.  I am very thankful for the recognition and am looking forward to working with her further on my future endeavors in Kansas City.

My small business is progressing as I’ve also recently attending some courses explaining the benefits of LLCs and informing me of the accounting requirements for a small business.  I plan on establishing my first LLC and making my second house habitable in the next few months.  So life is progressing, but not at the pace I expected.

I hope you are all doing well!  The snow is melting here in Kansas City and the flowers will be shortly blooming.  Everyone is smiling and just glad me made it through another winter in the Midwest!

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