Dr. Who on hiatus until 2010

DavrosWell, I’m a geek.  So it was inevitable that I would eventually cover Dr. Who in some way shape or form.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the new revival of Dr. Who for the last four years.  Now the executive producer, Russell T. Davies, is going to move on and the top writer, Steven Moffat, is going to take over the helm.  I’m not worried about the change, but for some reason the BBC has decided to only do 4 specials in 2009 where both Davies and Moffat work together before kicking off a Davies free season in 2010.  So I’m going to go through withdrawal next year.  Please bear with me as the DTs hit me.

Source:  blog.wired.com

mirror of freshscoop.com posting on GPT partitions

This web page is a mirror of the web page that used to live at http://www.freshscoop.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5%C2%A0%C2%A0.

It is currently cached by google here.

But in case freshscoop.com doesn’t come back up I’m going to mirror this for a while as a fair amount of my readers link through me to that original site.  I want them to be able to get to the tools.

Maybe you have come across this or maybe you havent but if you even put in a hard drive and go into the Disk Manager in Windows XP and the system tells you the drive is a GPT Protective Partition and you try everything to format the drive with no luck here is how you get around this.

There are 2 ways to do this one is quick the other a lot longer.

The quickest method isto aquire a copy of XBOX Hard Drive Perparer V1.3. We were able to find the application here.

Choose the offending drive and for Zeroing select Only 1st 4096 sectors of partition and hit prepare zeroing out the first 4096 sectors. Now reboot and then you will be able to create partitions and format the drive for use.

The second method would be to aquire your manufacturers low level format utility. This can take a very long time depending on the size of the hard drive and is an alternative if you have nothing better to do with your time.





FAQ: Low level format

Western Digital

Hope this helps and if you have any questions of comments please feel free to post it.

Bipolarity Managed via Text Messaging

Apparently Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire won an award called the NHS Live Award  for coming up with a system to help Bipolar patients manage their own conditions.  The system sends messages to the patients asking them how they’re feeling and the patients respond with pre-arranged answers.  It’s a pretty cool use of text messaging.

I’m not really sure why text messaging isn’t being used for more things, like:

  • Letting you know when your table is ready at a restaurant
  • Remind forgetful patients to take their medicine or dress their wounds
  • Notifying you that Wal-mart is done changing your oil
  • Playing cards with other users

Here’s the article about the British Mental Health Texting system.

Tripwire Agent Install Problem and Solution: ERROR: pathname is a read-only mount.

I was trying to reinstall a Tripwire agent on a Solaris 9 box when I ran into a problem during the package add. You see the agent in question needed to be upgraded, so I had removed it via the bin/uninstall.sh script which worked quite well. It appears that directory group permissions was the problem. Perhaps if it was a fresh install I never would have run into this.

I had sudo’ed over to root.

# uname -a
SunOS jobs-1 5.9 Generic_122300-02 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2

# ls -ld /usr/local/tripwire/te/agent
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 512 Jul 3 12:26 /usr/local/tripwire/te/agent

# pkgadd -d te_agent.pkg TWeagent

Do you accept the terms of the License Agreement? (default: n) [y,n,?,q] y

Where should this package be installed? (default: /usr/local/tripwire/te/agent) [?,q] (I entered a CR)

ERROR: pathname is a read-only mount.

Where should this package be installed? (default: /usr/local/tripwire/te/agent) [?,q] /usr/local/tripwire/te/agent (This time I tried to force it to accept the destination)

ERROR: pathname is a read-only mount.

# chmod 775 /usr/local/tripwire/te/agent

# pkgadd -d te_agent.pkg TWeagent

And then the install works. This was for the 7.1 Tripwire Enterprise Agent.

Technology catches up to dreams – Video Ringtones

It was only 5 years ago when me and several of my friends at Sprint started playing with some new handsets we’d been given.  Of course we loaded them up with goofy ringers(this is before anyone was selling them, you just found them and downloaded them or made them with your own tools) and then we started making thumbnails of our co-workers and putting them in the phone memory.  So when the phone rang you’d see the picture of your bosses face and the Imperial March would begin to drone.  It was a good time, but it only took about 30 minutes before one of us piped up and said, “Why don’t we have the option to play video when the phone rings?”

Sure, it’s helpful to see the bosses face when he calls at 3AM because you’re on-call and you missed a phone call.  It sort of helps jolt you to attention.  But wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to have a video playing of them making goofy faces?  Or superimpose their image with a mushroom cloud, then godzilla, and then dollar signs?

Anyhow, I’m sure you all get the point.  It’s a real shame that it took an outsider to the phone industry, Apple, to bring this feature to the forefront. I’ve also been seeing a little bit more on the SMS ringers feature occasionally, so it’s nice to see American mobile carriers finally start selling some new phone features.  I’m not sure that they’ll sell more phones, but as the networks themselves continue to become less and less relevant, carrying the right feature set on your phones could be the thing that lures new people to your carrier and away from your competitors.  That and of course, the ever necessary, treat your customers well and they’ll make you money.

Toyota Prius, NOW WITH SOLAR.

priusSure, sure, if you’re up on the latest in Prius add-ons you know that you can retrofit your Prius with a solar panel for the roof for around 4-6k, but now Toyota is planning on selling this alternative power source as an option. I’m very excited about this trend. Now if they would just sell it to me with a plug-in option, I would definitely line up to buy one. In the meanwhile I’ve pre-registered for this cool trike from Venture One that is backed by BMW and is supposed to 33x safer in a crash than normal motorcycles. Plus it gets 100mpg and the body of the trike rotates while the vehicle is in a turn. Yeah, it’s a two seater but I don’t plan on adding munchkins to my lifestyle any time soon.

Here’s a new report on the VentureOne, but it’s for the one-seater.  I’m looking at the two-seater. I think it’s supposed to sell for $20k:

The important thing to me is that it has a range of a 300 miles and can do up to 120MPH.