another late night at work.

one of our systems blew a gasket in a new and unusual way. So spent a few hours moving traffic around until everything looked better. Now we’ve got to discuss how to change the design to me more dynamic. The one system went down and I had to modify 56 files and move a few hundred queues….one at a time. Not much fun at all. But it was a new problem and I learned a great deal more about the software, so that’s always nice. Also doing some work on some big stuff we’re releasing for the superbowl. It should be pretty interesting.

on the other hand, I don’t have time to work on my system at home and I missed book club. That sucks.

hard drive woes

My hard drive woes are fixed. Remember that hard drive I bought for the DVR? Finally got it returned to newegg(it died shortly after I started using it.) Now I tossed it in my main computer that’s been running poorly lately. So I mounted it up on my sata channel. At first it wouldn’t mount. Checked the manual and find that I have to set a DIP switch. Got that knocked out and then the OS blue screened. Crossed my fingers and just tried again. It booted.

And surprise surprise….it turns out I have on-board SATA raid. So install the drivers and get moving. In the meanwhile I pull up the PDF on the hardware. Even better. The system doesn’t have to build a RAID from scratch. I can move data to this drive then add a backup drive later on and it will migrate the data to the new drive. So next paycheck I’ll dump $110 into another Seagate Barracuda at newegg and I’ll be sporting two RAIDs on the same system. Plus I can put a new XP load on this system(it’s 30 months old.) and really enjoy life.