apple. maybe hip, but technically savvy they are not.

so they send me an email this morning at 6am telling me I’d get that mini-ipod in two business days? well I go to get the mail today at 1 pm? DHL has stopped by yet again and not knocked. they just hung a stupid “you weren’t home, sign this” form on my door and then left. so not only did 2 business days turn into >6 hours but their partner DHL yet again managed to not knock or ring the bell. trust me, I didn’t sleep through it as since I’m on-call I have to be both a) sober and b) sleeping in a quiet room so that I’ll wake up to phone calls(I normally don’t mind sleeping through a TV show.)

I mean, I’m not super mad or anything. I just think it’s dumb and I especially hate it when tech companies fail to use their technology to their benefit. It’s shows a level of ineptness that makes me worry. It’s basically the alienware fiasco all over again.

mini-ipod and on-call

I RMAed my mini-ipod this Saturday. I get an email on Monday that was a bit confusing. It explained that the RMA had been approved and that I didn’t owe them any shipping. That’s in direct contrast to the $30 in shipping that the web page demanded when I entered the RMA. Plus it didn’t explain if they were shipping a box to me or if I had to package it myself. I decided to just sit back and wait.

Tuesday morning I head out for breakfast(I think.) Anyhow, I was heading out and notice a package on my porch. No one had rung the doorbell and instead of sticking the small package inside the screen door it was instead at the lip of the porch. I’m given the impression that DHL didn’t even ring the doorbell. This is my first experience with DHL so I won’t become jaded but it was a bit odd. So I open up the box and package the mini-ipod. But the instructions aren’t clear and the packing material they included was really poorly thought out. Not wanting to void the RMA I used it and dropped it off at the DHL location. Hopefully I’ll get a functioning device soon.

I’m on-call again. Hard to believe it’s already been 4 months. The laptop is acting a little shady so I hope I don’t have issues that make me work from the office all week. Chilli asked me over to his mom’s for Thanksgiving. I’ll be there, with laptop packed in the car in case I get a call.

Other than that not much going on around here. I’m catching up on the Tivo and drinking lots of tea. Would you believe Netflix sent me two Rocky DVDs and they were both cracked? What are the odds?

film commentary

I still want to check out Harry Potter but I have a ton of movies I wanted to watch at home. Just watched Ghost in the Shell 2. I expected bad things since it was a sequel. Holy cow was I phased. Good plot line. Brilliant visual effects. Here’s how you get a 5 star rating on the Dan scale. I have to stop fooling with my computers or games and just watch the film. Sounds really easy but there are so many films that only require 20% of my attention. Anyhow, it’s a great film if you’re a sci-fi or film buff.