One of my computers blew a motherboard a few days ago. It’s an old duron 1Ghz system that isn’t worth fixing. Instead I’ll throw in a new mobo and processor. Probably will set me back 100-200 but it’s my raided file server, so I need to get it back up and running. I could also buy a wal-mart $188 linux system. But I despise customer support so much, I think I might prefer to just buy the hardware I prefer and know how to troubleshoot.


this afternoon our team went on a teambuilder exercise. It was fun and I got to kill a lot of people. Between 9 of us we shot up 2000 rounds over a period of 4 hours. Let me tell you that I am beat. I ended up napping from 6 to 9:30. Of course that means I’ll we wired all night long but that’s ok.

Ever heard of the ig Nobel awards?

me either, but with subjects as vast as:

  • An Analysis of the Forces Required to Drag Sheep over Various Surfaces.
  • Chickens Prefer Beautiful Humans
  • the first scientifically recorded case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck
  • a comprehensive survey of human belly button lint — who gets it, when, what color, and how much.

How can you go wrong?

Another call to Time Warner

This is just a note for myself. Read if you like

On hold for 8 minutes. Stacy answers the phone. Asked for a manager as I have a problem that has been ongoing for months. Her manager is not there. Can I leave a number and my name and have the manager call me back? No, she can not promise me that he will call me back. I explained that I called on March 22nd and was promised a call back by March 29th. Call back did not occur. Stacy put me on hold.

13 minutes into the call.

PBX is still messed up. Hold music cuts out all the time.

17 minutes into the call. She is still waiting to see if she can get me a supervisor. Placed back on hold.

23 minutes into the call.

Stacy comes back on and tries to convince me that she can fix my problem. I explain the problem. She had no ideas and places me back on hold. 27 minutes into the call.

35 minutes into the call. Stacy tells me a manager/supervisor is available. I’m put back on hold.

39 minutes into the call Paula joins the call.

In an attempt to keep the conversation short I told Paula that I am a cheapskate and the house is cold. Yet the system keeps rebooting. Paula harangued me about the overheating issue. I had to assure her repeatedly that no the device was not in an enclosed space(like an entertainment center) and did not have anything(even a “piece of paper”) placed on top of it. Because manufacturing and installing a device in peoples homes that could malfunction if you put a piece of paper on it is such a great fucking idea. Anyhow I also mentioned to her that since they’ve already sent two people onsite to investigate that they would have found an issue with the install if there was a problem.

42 minutes into the call and I’m back on hold.

45 minutes into the call and Paula comes back on. Security device is installed on the box. If it doesn’t respond in a timely manner they will reboot the box. That has been disabled. Low signal issue. I explained that the other two techs haven’t seen this low signal problem. Turns out that there is an issue in the area that may be causing the low signal issue.

Credit offered on the account for the on-demand and dvr service. She will check my signals tomorrow and call me back.

Pointed out that I’ve been on the phone for 50 minutes. At a dime a minute that equals the $5 she wants to credit me. Additionally why didn’t I get called from the last on-site visit? For the money it costs to send a person on-site it certainly deserves a call-back. Credit given is 18.86.

Call finished 56 minutes in.

Another 56 minutes of my life lost to poor customer service. Maybe I should just start reading more.