Biological Modifications

what would I change about me if the technology existed?

aural implant
– ability to listen to radio without headphones
– ability to engage in phone conversations without headphones or microphones
optical augmentation
– fix my sight so I don’t need glasses
– provide zoom to 1 mile distance
– provide 1 hour camcorder recording
– provide 1 gb still photographs
gastric augmentation
– measurement of all calories consumed
performance measurement
– avg hr, resting hr, peak hr
– GPS enhanced distance coverage/mapping
virus prevention
– virus screening
security enhancements
– firewall
cerebral augmentation
– understanding of all languages
emergency 911 information
– next of kin and guarantee of insurance

harder questions abound:
If I could train without shin splints would I do it?
and it leads to much harder questions like:
If I could be in shape without training and purely through augmentation would I do so?

I don’t know.


since I’m on-call and bored.  I went to the late show of The Terminal.

It was alright. A bit cute…a bit sad… didn’t really slay me. It had moments but I was hoping for more.

What was really funny was that when I bought the ticket the girl had to call the manager to tell them that someone was seeing the movie, so they’d have to send the projectionist down to that theater. And I was the only one there the whole time. It was kind of funny.