dish network is OUT

called up…tried to get service…got lip instead…disconnected the service…they’re mailing me boxes and I’ll send the receiver back to them.

Called up Time Warner and they have someone scheduled to be here Saturday morning. Their DVRs are smaller, but if they work, I don’t care. And, did I mention that they were polite? Who would guess it, customer service wins out again.


I’m off to kill nazi’s in Silent Storm…etc. I’m sure I’ll check back in before I hit bed around midnight or so. Yeah it’s a late night, but mostly because I can get away with it. I’m getting my satellite dish fixed tomorrow morning so I don’t have to do much but get up and drink coffee in the morning.


CFO Sullivan got away with a light statement today. If Bernie Ebbers gets less than 5 years in jail I will have serious questions about the status of justice in America. It’d be the kind of thing that might make me retire in Jakarta or Cancun.