more insansity.

Called them tonight. After only 9 minutes of hold time I got to explain the problem. Then I got to hold for a while then explain it again….to the same person… She finally got the idea(it’s hard when English isn’t your first language) and ordered what I needed. Then she wanted me to hold so I could talk to her boss in order to evaluate her performance.

I held for 45 seconds or so to talk to someone who had a poorer grasp on the English language than “Kelly” did… His first question was if Kelly was an expert on the computer system I now own. I explained to the dude that this was a repeat call and no analysis was required on her part. He persisted…was she an expert, somewhat of an expert, ok, not so great or a hideous tech support analyst. I informed Joe or Harry or Oliver that I had answered his question and was now going to hang up. He cheerfully wished me a nice morning(I wonder what time of day it is where he works?) and I succinctly hung up on his butt.

I must again repeat ALIENWARE SUCKS.


these idiots never stop amazing me. They keep sending me surveys about how good their last service was. But the last service sucked. Hell their computer sucks. I bought two of their systems and when I want service they can’t pull up the computers via the serial number. They need my purchase order number…what in the hell is that all about?

My recent comment to them during a survey is listed below:

A) Ship the stupid part to the technician. The idiot started calling me every day, sometimes multiple times a day, after you opened a ticket with him. The part wasn’t even here yet. Then he finally decided he wasn’t going to come out and replace the part. My computer is still broke. You guys suck. I can’t tell you how fed up I am with your god-awful service.

This is computer fan replacement. It’s about the easiest fix you can possibly do and now my systems been down for over a month due to it. I just went out and bought a new computer rather than dealing with your stupid company and your stupid out-sourced helpdesk and your stupid on-site high school graduate who lives with his parents that wants to repair my computer.


And this stupid questionaire sucks. I have to answer question 9 positively even though I think both the on-site idiot and callcenter numbskull both suck?

something positive…and political??? HERE???


I finally found something to energize me. Good thing it’s a Monday morning. Maybe I can push it on through to the end of the week.

Apparently a few Dems are going to try and get some of our rights back. The DMCA sucks monkey butt. Why? Because it’s now illegal to do things I used to do all the time in high school. You can’t legally photocopy a book. I’m not talking about copying the whole thing, binding it and selling it. I’m saying that copying 5 pages of a book and then using it in class the next day? ILLEGAL.

Lending a CD or DVD to someone else? ILLEGAL.

Using your TiVo? Possibly illegal.

Buying generic toner cartridges? ILLEGAL.

So anyhow, here’s something you can do to try and take back some of our rights: